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Evelyn Ryan - The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

This site explores the life and times of Evelyn Ryan, the Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, celebrated in the bestselling 2001 memoir by her daughter, Terry, and the 2005 movie by DreamWorks Pictures starring Julianne Moore. Here you will find tidbits from the collection of artifacts carefully stored by Evelyn throughout her household (801 Washington Avenue, at left) over a lifetime of contesting, as well as newer elements added by her children that chronicle the triumphs and sorrows of a most unusual mother (and hero) of 10.

The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio: How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less, by Terry Ryan, was published by Simon and Schuster in 2001. For more information on the book, or to listen to a sample chapter, go toThe Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio Book Website. The DreamWorks Pictures movie based on the book was released in September 2005. For more information on the movie, or to watch the trailer, go to the studio site.

We urge you to support the Evelyn Ryan Endowment at Defiance College in Evelyn's hometown of Defiance, Ohio. The endowment will make it possible for someone like Evelyn to attend college and study writing. More information will be posted here soon, but for now you can learn more about Defiance College at theirweb site.